Welcome to Gemstory! Our focus is to provide gem lovers with high-quality, affordable gemstone jewelry that is made to last a lifetime.

Our collections draw inspiration from the various gemstones themselves and their natural luminosity. In order to capture the gem's natural beauty, our design team has worked to create elegant pieces that constitute a glamorous minimalist style made for the modern woman.


Meet David Xie, CEO of Gemstory

David Xie has decades of experience working in the jewelry business. His passion for authenticity, use of natural products and limited use of dyes are his signature touch in the gemstone business.

Sensing a need for more diverse and greater quality jewelry making components to serve the needs of wholesale bead stores and jewelry makers alike, he founded his first company in 1996, the American Bead Corporation. Since then, he has gained wide recognition throughout the industry for supplying superior natural and high quality gemstones. 

After many years in the wholesale and business to business sector, David realized that he could deliver even more value in the business to consumer space by creating a line of products using his many supply contacts and cutting out the middlemen. This way, he could provide superior pricing and transfer some of these savings to consumers, while creating a brand that heralds authenticity of materials, particularly gemstones.

Looking to the fashion industry for inspiration, he aspires to provide gemstone jewelry collections that move with the seasonal trends but maintain the element of affordability and strong brand values.